Mes vienijame arti 20 pacientų interesus atstovaujančių ir ginančių organizacijų.


Lithuanian patients’ forum is an umbrella association who unites different patients’ organizations in Lithuania. Lithuanian patients’ forum is an open association for all patients’ organizations who seeks that patients need and opinion not only to would be heard but also taken into consideration.

Lithuanian patient’s forum unites almost 20 various patients’ organization.

Aims of Lithuanian patients’ forum:

  • To support and encourage science-based medicine accessibility for all patients’ in Lithuania by all means.
  • To unite active Lithuanian non-profit organizations that represent needs of patients and caregivers.
  • To represent all Lithuanian patients, caregivers civil, social and economic rights, to protect their freedoms and dignity.
  • To educate community and legislators about science progress in medicine area.
  • To seek a constructive and resultative dialogue between patients, doctors and health politicians.

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